Auxiliary equipment


Both for use as purification equipment and for any other purpose, at GTM we manufacture agitators, removers or reactors of different types and materials.

The material of the container will depend on the content, normally they are manufactured in GRP, stainless steel or polypropylene. The gearmotors as well as the type of remover, whether propellers, blades or other types, will depend on the density and the need for the reaction.

It is also possible to add other systems to the reactors:

  • Polyurethane coatings to maintain temperature
  • Perimeter resistance for heating
  • Load cards
  • Stairs, upper walkways

Parshall Channel

They are open channels, standardized with rectangular section made of GRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic), equivalent to the so-called “Parshall channels”. They are used to measure the flow of industrial discharges. In many cases due to the obligation of the competent Administration. The water to be measured circulates through the interior of the channel and thanks to a certified measurement table the flow rate can be measured.

When what you want to measure is an average or accumulated flow, measured during a certain time, it is necessary to install an ultrasound system that measures the depth of the water at every moment and electronically accumulates the results.

Tables and Electrical Installations

Our machines and plants carry a high level of automatisms and electrical installations. Mediterranean Technology Group has its own technicians for the assembly and programming of the control panels and automatisms as well as electrical specialists for installation on site.

Lamellar Decanters

Watertight Deposits

Pumps and Consumables

Plumbing Installations

All plants involve plumbing installations. Our assembly teams are highly qualified to perform the necessary plumbing installations in all cases. The mobile units are fully equipped for work on site.


In Miraplas we want to bring the latest technology to the equipment and treatment plants to try to simplify all the steps and control the efficiency of the treatment plants to the maximum. In the not too distant future, all installed sensors and control mechanisms will allow us to remotely track the plants.

Prefabricated Pumping Well