Compact Membrane Bioreactor (DEPUMAX)

Anoxic compartment

The first is called anoxic-sedimentation. This one fulfills a double function. On the one hand, it receives the entry of wastewater into the system and therefore acts as a pretreatment. Both coarse and greasy and floating ones should be periodically removed from the system from the top and bottom of the compartment. On the other hand, in this first compartment nitrogen removal takes place by the recirculation of sludge from the second compartment.

Biological compartment-MBR

The second is called Aeration-Membranes.

In it are both: the grill of diffusers responsible for introducing the air into the system, and the membrane modules through which the activated sludge is filtered by gravity. The system consists of two blowers responsible for supplying the air for the aeration of the biomass and for the cleaning of the membranes.

Water treated compartment The third is regenerated water. The filtrate from the second compartment is collected in the latter, and a submersible pump drives it outside. The user decides whether to reuse the effluent, or instead pour it into the environment. The entire process is automated with the necessary adjustments by means of an electrical panel.



The corresponding to each team. Especially the membranes: chemical cleaning.