How to cgoose a treatment plant

Miraplas Depuration is specialized in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of urban wastewater treatment plants, with more than 35 years of experience in the sector. In the Department of Purification of Miraplas, we have technicians with extensive experience in the field of urban and industrial purification, applying the best solutions in each case. We are manufacturers or distributors of all equipment, both P.R.F.V. and stainless steel, which is an advantage when it comes to ensuring the proper functioning of the installation.

We offer the solution to the problems of discharge when there is no possibility of connection to the sewage system or it is necessary to treat the water before being discharged.

What do you have to take into account when choosing your treatment plant?

  • Water flow to be treated and / or number of inhabitants.
  • Quality of the resulting discharge according to regulatory requirements.
  • Water reuse? Land on which you want to install the treatment plant.
  • Availability of electricity supply.


  • EASY INSTALLATION. In both buried and surface equipment the installation is very simple, since the equipment arrives pre-assembled.

  • GREAT MECHANICAL RESISTANCE due to its cylindrical shape.

  • GREAT CHEMICAL RESISTANCE to aggressive environments to be manufactured in P.R.F.V. (polyester reinforced with glass fiber).

  • AFFECTION TO THE NULL ENVIRONMENT, due to its buried location, being hidden from view.

  • ADJUSTED ELECTRICAL CONSUMPTION with high purification yields.

  • SIMPLE AND REDUCED MAINTENANCE. Maintenance schedules and system automation allow simple maintenance.