Prolonged Oxidation (OP)

The Treatment is a biological-physical process with prolonged oxidation with recirculation and secondary decantation. The equipment can be compact or by separate processes.

The Aeration Reactor

The wastewater enters the aeration tank (biological treatment) where oxygen is incorporated and sludge is recirculated creating an environment conducive to the development of aerobic microbial colonies.

These microorganisms degrade organic and inorganic matter. The oxygen injection is carried out by means of a blower and is distributed by means of a manifold equipped with fine bubble diffusers or by means of an ejector pump. The commissioning and stopping of this group is automated from the electrical panel.

Secondary decanter

After the oxidation of organic matter and the formation of flocs, they settle in the decanter. In this compartment a pump is installed that automatically recirculates the active sludge. Clarified water is collected through a landfill placed at the top.



A purge of sludge must be carried out periodically in the reactor to maintain the optimum concentration of active sludge.

The periodicity and volume of this purge are determined based on the characteristics of the water to be treated. Regular maintenance of electromechanical equipment according to manufacturer.